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At Haynes Construction Company, we have had the privilege to work on some of Connecticut's biggest development projects. From academic buildings and private construction projects to affordable housing and municipal buildings we have provided construction management services to a diverse range of projects over the last 50 years. Here's a small glimpse at some of our best work.

Academic Projects

Residential Housing Projects

Municipal Building Projects

Wilbert Snow Elementary

Middletown, CT
Owner: City of Middletown
Architect: Jeter Cook & Jepson
Scope: The Wilbert Snow Elementary School was redesigned to integrate both indoor and outdoor learning environments. The original school featured an eight building campus that allowed children to interact with the outdoors, but resulted in lost instructional time in bad weather. A single structure now connects the existing buildings including the gymnasium, auditorium and a reprogrammed classroom building, while maintaining a connection to the woodland. The remains of an 18th century road believed to be the location of a town meeting with George Washington passes through the site and has become a major organizing element of the building.
Awards: AIA Connecticut 2001 Design Award

Salisbury School Visual Arts Center

Single story elliptical footprint design with complimenting curved concrete retaining wall, roof terrace, conical skylight with paver system and welded lead coated copper roof. This project also had segmented aluminum entrance walls with radial framing. Total addition and renovation of over 6,400 sf. The key feature include an art room addition, structural steel storefront, elliptical design with art rooms, wood shop and pottery studio.

Michael J Adanti

New Haven, CT
Owner: State of Connecticut
Architect: Jeter, Cook & Jepson
Cost: $22,794,500
Scope: The Michael J. Adanti Student Center is a 129,000 square foot multi-story structural steel and brick masonry building featuring five full height stairwells and elevators, providing several entrance levels including a pedestrian bridge. The new construction also features a billiards hall, exercise and weight room, bookstore, cafe, dining room, media area, multi-purpose room and much more. The building is ADA compliant and incorporates state-of-the-art MEP equipment and controls.

Manchester Community College

Manchester, CT
Owner: Connecticut Department of Public Works
Architect: Centerbrook Architects
Scope: The Manchester Community Technical College received 140,000 square feet of additions and 25,000 square feet of renovation work. A new Arts & Science Building, 49 new classrooms and a new auditorium designed to seat 380 students was added. In addition, a five-story tower totalling 11,570 square feet was added to house faculty and student offices.
Awards: 2003 CT ABC Excellence In Construction Award

Cooperative Education Services

UCONN C.E. Waring Science Building

Demolition of existing 20 building housing development and new construction of affordable townhouse-styple homes. 56 buildings, 235 units, Multi-storied buildings, community center, laundry room, infrastructure and roads.

Sound at Gateway Commons

New Construction of market-rate apartments. 10 new buildings for a total of 280 units. Multi-storied wood-framed apartment buildings. Site development with complete new infrastructure including onsite water pump house.

Brookside Commons Phase I & II

Rockview Redevelopment

New construction of affordable townhouse-style homes. 22 buildings, 70 living units, management and community buildings. Wood Frame, slab on grade with complete site work and finished landscaping for a beautiful livable community.

Greenfield Commons

Gateway at 570 State Street

New construction in the heart of Bridgeport center of a 5 story threshold mixed-use apartment bulding with 30 residential units and commercial office space on the main level.

Eastview Terrace

Dutch Point Colony HOPE VI Development

Dutch Point HOPE VI Revitalization Phases I, II & III:
Dutch Point is constructed in two rental phases and one ownership phase. Upon completion of all three phases, the development will consist of 58 for-sale homes and 127 rental units. Rental Phase I was completed in December 2006 and consists of 73 apartments in nine newly built and six renovated buildings. The second rental phase which was completed in August 2008, includes 54 apartments, 2,600sf community center and a small park. The homeownership phase will consist of low and moderate income buyers and 31 will be sold at market rate. This project has won several awards: 2008 Housing CT Award; 2007 Preservation Award; and 2007 Honorable Mention, CT Real Estate Awards.

Corbin Heights Revitalization Development

New Britain, CT
Owner: Corbin Pinnacle, LLC
Architect: Paul B. Bailey Architects
Cost: $44,000,109
Scope: Demolition of existing 20 building housing development and new construction of affordable townhouse-styple homes. 56 buildings, 235 units, Multi-storied buildings, community center, laundry room, infrastructure and roads.

Brookside Housing

Robert N Giaimo Federal Building

New Haven, CT
Owner: U.S. General Services Administration
Architect: Fletcher-Thompson, Inc.
Cost: $16,508,794
Scope: We completed major renovations and masonry restoration to this seven-story government building in the heart of downtown New Haven. The project was completed in 2-3 floor phases, as to maintain tenant occupancy throughout the entire project. Renovations included modifications to existing tenant space, asbestos abatement, structural steel reinforcement, concrete slab infills and complete rebuild of floor with new layout. The core of the building, which includes the elevator, restrooms and stairs was maintained throughout however all bathrooms were remodeled and elevators were upgraded. New MEPs were added throughout the building and the exterior was refaced from granite and partial glass to a full glass wall system. Finally, light fixtures were replaced throughout the building and security systems were upgraded and expanded upon.

Middletown Police Headquarters and First and Last Tavern Restaurant

Middletown, CT
Owner: Middletown Police Department, Michael Cuberta, Jr.
Architect: Jeter Cook & Jepson
Scope: The project included a total of 53,200 square feet of renovations and new construction of a prominently located structure in downtown Middletown. The building is a multi-use facility and includes retail space.
Awards: AGC 2001 Build CT Award Winner, 2002 ABC Award Winner